Top 15 Signs He’s Sexually Attracted to You

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By Mariel Collado Updated on: June 17, 2024 Fact Checked by Emily Thompson

Whether he’s your friend, crush or current partner, find out the truth, by looking for these top 15 signs he’s sexually attracted to you!

Short on Time? (Summary)

If you’re wondering whether you turn a guy on, his body language and behaviors will show it. Knowing these signs can help you decide what to do, especially if you feel the same way about him.

We’ll reveal the top 15 signs he’s sexually attracted to you. Then, keep reading for pro tips to show him that you’re sexually attracted to him too.


  • There are clear differences between sexual and romantic attraction
  • Signs that he is sexually attracted range from behavior to non-verbal cues and communication patterns you can look out for
  • Your reaction to his cues can determine where the relationship will head in the future
  • Always be honest about your own feelings and attraction

Sexual Attraction Vs Romantic Attraction

When you find someone intriguing, you might wonder if what you feel for them is romantic attraction or if you just want to get between the sheets with them. Here’s how to differentiate your feelings towards them:

Sexual Attraction

This type of attraction is based on physical features. You’re sexually attracted to someone if:

  • You continuously imagine yourself in a steamy make-out session with them.
  • From your side, there’s a strong desire to engage in sexual activities with them.
  • You’re aroused by the way they look, dress or smell.

Romantic Attraction

You’re romantically attracted to a person when you feel an emotional connection with them and desire a strong bond with them. Usually, you’ll want to know more about them and hope to spend time with them. This type of attraction goes beyond sex and usually takes more time to build.

In some cases, romantic and sexual attractions go hand in hand. That is, you can feel both types of attractions for a person. However, it is important to note that there can be sexual attraction without romantic attraction and vice versa. For instance, people in the asexual dating scene can be romantically attracted to people without the desire to engage in sexual activities with them.

Top 15 Signs He’s Sexually Attracted to You

Before we delve into the top 15 signs of sexual attraction, have a look at our quick guide on the topic. We classified the signs into four categories – non-verbal cues, behavioral changes, communication patterns, and social dynamics.

Non-verbal cuesHe Stares at You a Lot
He Smiles at You a Lot
He Checks You Out
He Wants to Spend Time With You Alone
Behavioral ChangesHe Makes Physical Contact
He Tries to Stay in Close Proximity to You
He Licks or Bites His Lips
He Sits With His Legs Open
Communication PatternsHe Flirts With You
He Compliments You
His Voice Sounds Deeper
He Makes Sexual Jokes
Social DynamicsHe Tries to Look His Best
He’s Curious About Your Love Life
He Mirrors Your Body Language

Understanding the different types of signs to look out for will help you identify more ways your partner or crush may be telling you they’re really into you. While most actions will happen when you’re in face-to-face situations, you may even be able to use these guidelines elsewhere. For example, test the theories when gauging the interest of guys you meet on online platforms, especially when using technology like video calls.

The most common signs are listed and explained below.

1. He Stares At You A Lot

Intense and prolonged eye contact is usually a sign that someone finds you sexually attractive. If a man makes lingering eye contact with you while talking to you, or you catch him stealing glances, it could be an indicator that he is really interested in you sexually and/or romantically.

Pro Tip: If you’re sexually attracted to him as well, maintain eye contact. This will let him know that you’re paying attention to him, and you want him as much as he does you.

2. He Makes Physical Contact

When a man feels sexually attracted to you, he will always find a way to initiate physical contact. He may often find excuses to touch your hair or face or “accidentally” brush against you. For example, you may find him hugging you every time you meet, and the hug will last longer compared to how you hug other people in your social network.

Pro Tip: To show him that you’re sexually attracted to him, reciprocate these behaviors. For example, pat his arms or shoulders while talking to him, initiate the hug when you meet and close the gap between you when in a social setup.

3. He Flirts With You

Flirting shows a guy is really into you. It is one of the most direct ways to build sexual tension. In practice, he would most likely make flirtatious jokes and watch for your reaction to know if there’s chemistry between you two.

Pro Tip: Flirt with him too if the feelings are mutual.

4. He Compliments You

If a man is quick to give you compliments based on your physical appearance or personality, it indicates that he notices details about you. He will only go to this effort if he’s attracted. 

As an example, he may tell you how beautiful or sexy you look in your outfit or how nice you smell.

Pro Tip: If you want the compliments to continue and hopefully take the relationship to a new level, compliment his cologne or how sexy his muscles look in that shirt.

5. He Smiles At You A Lot

If you notice a guy can’t stop smiling when you are together, then it might be a sign that he is sexually and/or romantically attracted to you. When he smiles, he wants to make you feel comfortable around him. He is hoping you’ll spend more time with him. 

Pro Tip: Smile back at him! It will show that you enjoy his company.

6. He Tries to Look His Best

A guy who’s sexually attracted to you will put more effort into his physical appearance to catch your attention. You will notice him unconsciously touching his hair or adjusting his collar when he’s around you.

Pro Tip: Compliment his outfit or his new hairstyle to show you’re paying attention to him and to give him confidence to take a step in moving your relationship forward.

7. He Mirrors Your Body Language

Humans tend to mimic the body languages of someone they’re interested in. For example, if you touch your hair or cross your legs, the guy who is attracted to you will very likely copy you without even knowing that he’s doing so.

8. He Tries to Stay in Close Proximity to You

If he’s sexually attracted to you, he’ll find ways to sit or stand right next to you whenever you’re in the same space. You might also notice him leaning in towards you while you talk. This showcases how much he craves to be closer to you.

9. He’s Curious About Your Love Life

If he’s sexually attracted to you, he will ask questions, including some about your love life. He wants to know if there’s anyone else interested in you and how you feel about them, so he can confirm whether he has competition in gaining your affection.

Pro Tip: Be honest with him, so you avoid any misunderstandings. You don’t have to open up about your past relationships just yet, but if it’s the case, let him know that you’re not seeing anyone at the moment.

10. He Checks You Out

A guy who’s sexually attracted to you will subtly check out your body. If you notice him staring at a certain area on your body, checking out your curves or looking you up and down, maybe with a small smile on his face, then you know there’s attraction from his side.

11. He Licks or Bites His lips

If you catch him licking or biting his lips, he’s outright flirting with you. This is a seductive act that connotes anticipation, strong desire, that he’s aroused by you and wants you. You might also catch him staring at your lips while biting or licking his lips.

Pro Tip: Send a flirty message by licking and biting your lips too.

12. He Sits With His Legs Open

If he sits with his legs outstretched, he’s trying to draw your attention down there. You might also notice him standing with his legs open. Guys tend to do this subconsciously with a woman they find attractive.

Pro Tip: As much as he’s subconsciously trying to get you to look down there, maintain eye contact with him instead, to show your assertiveness, but also to make the flirting game more fun for you both.

13. His Voice Sounds Deeper

Often, guys deepen their voices when talking to a lady they are interested in. So, compare how he speaks with you versus other women.

This is a subtle form of flirtation, as most girls love guys with thick voices. A deep voice screams masculinity and is generally perceived as sexy.

14. He Makes Sexual Jokes

You may notice he makes sexual jokes and innuendos when talking with you or when you’re around. This technique is how he’s trying to make you comfortable having sexual talks with him in the most viable way – humor.

Pro Tip: If you’re comfortable with these jokes, you can respond. If not, let him know that you’re not comfortable yet, or that it’s simply not your preference. You can also kindly but firmly communicate that you want to wait for a more private setting to discuss your feelings.

15. He Wants to Spend Time With You Alone

If he prefers you two having alone time often, he probably dreams of a scenario conducive for you two to get your freak on with no distraction or fear of being watched. It’s also a signal letting you feel free to make any sexual move, as that might be exactly what he’s hoping for.

Experts’ Tip: What to Do Next

Now that you know the signs he’s sexually attracted to you, the next step is to take action. If the feeling is mutual, reciprocate his behaviors. When he finally decides to tell you how he feels, whether in person or via sexy text, be sure to tell him that you feel the same way, before someone else catches his attention.

However, if you’re not interested in him, let him know right away and avoid giving him false hopes.


From verbal signs such as compliments, sexual innuendos and jokes to non-verbal signs like intense eye contact and biting his lips, these signs will reveal his sexual attraction for you. Some of these behaviors may also indicate that he’s in love with you, and you could have a future together.

However, remember that sexual attraction doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s romantically attracted or wants a serious relationship with you. So, we advise you to have an honest conversation, to clear the air.

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