Does She Love Me? 31 Surefire Signs a Girl Loves You

Sandra Aninwaeze
By Sandra Aninwaeze Updated on: June 16, 2024 Fact Checked by Emily Thompson

You’ve fallen in love with her and are wondering if she’s feeling the same way. Here are 31 surefire signs a girl loves you!

Short on Time? (Summary)

It is not always easy to figure out a woman’s emotions and intent in a relationship. However, if she loves you romantically, she would directly or indirectly show you that she deeply cares and wants you in her life. You simply need to know what to look for.

Let’s dig into the 31 surefire signs a girl loves you. These undeniable signs can help you know what step to take, whether it’s to initiate a relationship, discuss marriage, or stop wasting your time.


  • Women often hide their true feelings, making it hard to read their intent.
  • A woman who is in love with you will showcase certain, noticeable habits, such as wanting to always be around you.
  • Signs that a woman loves you can be motivated by wanting the best for herself, her love interest, and the relationship.
  • To move a relationship to a new level, show her you love her by reciprocating her actions.

Why Do Women Hide Their Feelings?

Understanding the motivation behind her actions will help you navigate the friendship or relationship. Most women have their guard up when it comes to matters of love, with valid reasons, including:  

  1. Fear of Rejection: Women are often afraid and ashamed to admit their feelings. She may think you don’t love her too, and you might reject her. To avoid getting hurt, she keeps her feelings hidden.
  2. She Has Been Hurt Before: Maybe her ex didn’t treat her right, and she’s afraid every other guy would do the same. You have to let her know you’re different by showing her continuous love and affection, especially if you haven’t said the words yet.
  3. She’s Afraid You’ll Use Her: Some men only keep women around for sex, even when the lady wants more and the guy is aware of her true feelings. To prevent this from happening, a woman may hide her feelings for you because she thinks you’ll only use the knowledge to manipulate her to meet your sexual needs.
  4. Fear of Ruining the Friendship: If you’ve been friends for a long time, she may hide her feelings because she doesn’t want to lose her friend and ruin the long-term friendship.
  5. She Thinks She’s Not Good Enough for You: Maybe she already knows your ideal type and thinks she doesn’t fit into that description. You can get her to open up by frequently complimenting her appearance and personality.
  6. She Is Dealing with Loss or Grief: If she has just lost a loved one recently, she might be having a hard time dealing with grief, so she pushes all her feelings to the side. We advise that you help her process her grief and give her time to heal.
  7. She Doesn’t Feel Loved: You’re not showing her affection or any sign that you love her. Ensure that you make her feel loved and appreciated so she feels safe to open up about her feelings.

31 Surefire Signs a Girl Loves You

1. She Loves Being Around You

She Loves Being Around You

She enjoys your company and feels free around you. If a girl is really into you, she’ll always want to be around you, whether it’s to have deep conversations or talk about trivial topics like how your day went.

You will notice that she regularly invites you to her house or suggests you do an activity together. If she doesn’t have feelings for you, she won’t want to spend so much time with you or have you in her space.

2. She Checks up on You

Often texting to know how your day went and inquiring about your general well-being shows that she cares a lot about you, and not just in a friendly way.

Most women don’t bother to invest time in men they don’t care about. So, if she takes the time to check up on you regularly, she’s in love with you!

Pro Tip: If the feeling is mutual, check up on her as often as you can – even every day, if possible. This sends a signal that you have feelings for her too and are open to working on a relationship with her.

3. She Tries to Make You Happy

Humans generally consider their happiness first. However, people who are in love would prioritize the other person’s happiness as well. If you notice she does things to put a smile on your face, it’s a surefire sign that she’s in love with you!

4. She Can’t Keep Her Hands off You

A woman who has feelings for you would always initiate physical contact, sometimes subconsciously. She may want to hug you, hold your hand, and touch your hair or face every chance she gets.

Pro Tip: Do not confuse these gestures with her wanting to get in bed with you right away. Be sure that she’s comfortable with sex and related topics by starting to mention it in your conversations.

5. She Stares at You a lot

She Stares at You a lot

When you’ve caught her staring at you on several occasions, chances are that she has strong feelings for you. A woman in love will maintain eye contact while talking to you to show that you have her full attention.

6. She Does Sweet Little Things for You

It’s the little things that matter, they say. For instance, she might send cute text messages, call just to hear your voice, offer a massage, pat your shoulders when you seem stressed,or get you a gift box for no particular reason.

Women have different ways of communicating their affection, but if you stay attentive, you’ll see the small things they do for the men they’re into. So, if your love interest has done these or similar sweet things for you, it’s a surefire sign that she loves you.

7. She Makes Time for You

If she plans quality time with you, especially if she has a busy schedule, it’s a strong indicator that she loves you. This can take place in various forms, but you’ll clearly see she tries to include you in her life:

  • Inviting you to go shopping
  • Asking to attend a wedding with her
  • Grabbing lunch between meetings
  • Exercising together over the weekend
  • Willing to help you with tasks or bring dinner when you’re working late

8. She Remembers Details About You

She remembers events such as birthdays or even little details that you wouldn’t expect anyone to remember. For example, you may have mentioned your favorite color is blue, and this motivates her to often buy you items in that color.

9. She Values Your Opinion

If she seeks your advice regularly, it’s because she values your input, since she values the person offering it. Valuing your opinions is a strong indicator that she respects but also loves you.

10. Her Friends and Family Know You

Your name is always on her lips, singing your praises. If she creates opportunities to introduce you to her friends and family, then she wants to show you off.

For women, there are deep emotions attached to these actions. It proves she’s very much interested in you and also wants to take you seriously. Most ladies will not introduce their family or friends to a guy who she doesn’t want a long-term relationship with.

11. She Would like to Know Your Family and Friends

If she wants a serious relationship, she’ll be eager to get to know people that are dear to you. You will notice that she makes an effort to build a relationship with your friends and family because she wants to be in your life for a long time.

12. She’s Honest with You

Ladies in love will be open to you and always truthful enough that you find her reliable and trustworthy. To safeguard the relationship, she will never make you doubt her words or feelings for you. She’ll share details with you that she’s never told anyone, like opening up about her past.

13. She Respects You

She will place you in high esteem, value your thoughts, and consider your feelings. A woman who loves you will also respect your boundaries. It’s not always easy to earn a woman’s respect, so if it’s given, it reflects her love for you.

14. She Thinks You are Perfect

No one is perfect. But if she sees you as perfect for her despite your flaws, she’s in love with you. She may have realized your flaws but doesn’t judge you for it, and that’s a surefire sign she loves you!

Pro Tip: This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to work on these flaws. If you think they can affect the relationship, seek professional help.

15. She Tries Her Best to Look Good for You

Women love looking good for the men they’re in love with. If she tries her best to look stunning, it’s a huge sign she’s in love with you and wants you to notice and compliment her. She would put in extra effort in picking her outfits, try out a new hairstyle, and even ask you what clothing you prefer her to wear.

Pro Tip: To communicate your love and interest, compliment her every time you see her. Make sure the compliment is very specific to show that you noticed every detail.

16. She’s Willing to Work on Her Flaws

If a woman loves you, she will work on any of her flaws that could affect the relationship. This can take place in many ways:

  • Try to improve herself with self-help books
  • Attend seminars
  • Ask you what you would change in your relationship
  • Seek professional help when necessary

17. She Makes Compromises

If a girl is in love with you and truly cares about you, she will compromise for you. For example, if she’s a very private person, she’ll try to be more open. She might also give up her need to be right to prevent further arguments.

18. She’s There in Difficult Times

She’s There in Difficult Times

A woman who loves you will stick with you through difficult times. If she stands by you during your bad days and offers to share your burdens, you can rest assured that she loves you deeply.

19. She Compliments You

When she’s quick to throw in a few compliments, it’s possible she’s trying to tell you she likes you. Ladies love to compliment a man they are interested in. They want you to feel special, but they’re also testing the waters to see if you’ll return the favor, indicating you’re interested too.

20. She Motivates You

She will always motivate you to do your best in all your endeavors. A woman who genuinely loves and cares about you will push you to help achieve your goals in life. Her love motivates her to want the best for you. So, she’ll remind you that your goals are attainable, and you should stop at nothing to achieve them.

21. She Offers to Cook for You

Many believe the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and women may test the theory. If she’s in love with you, she would want to surprise you with your favorite homemade meals. She’ll even learn new recipes and browse for inspiration online, so she can cook yummy dishes for you.

Pro Tip: Don’t demand that she cooks for you every day. For some women, cooking isn’t something they’re interested in or enjoy doing.

22. She’s Your Cheerleader

A loving woman will become your biggest cheerleader and genuinely celebrate your success, whether big or small. She’ll always hype up your achievements and remind you of how far you’ve come.

23. She Talks About the Future

Her conversations with you will most likely be about her future plans, and for a lady in love, they will always include you! It could be a dream vacation destination, what you could both do next summer, or even marriage, and how many kids she would like to have. She sees a future with you and is more than ready to pursue it.

24. She Talks Positively About You

A woman who loves will brag about you to anyone who cares to listen. She’ll tell her siblings, friends, and co-workers how much she loves you and how you’re the best man in the world.

In her conversations with you, she’ll also speak positive words to you, for example:

  • You can do this, I believe in you
  • I’m so grateful to have you
  • I admire your resilience
  • I feel so safe whenever I’m with you

If there are criticisms, they will be constructive, and you won’t feel like she’s judging you.

Note that if your girlfriend always says negative things to you and compares you to every man she knows and has been with, then she doesn’t love you.

25. She Shares Financial Responsibilities with You

A woman who loves you will not hesitate to share financial responsibilities with you. Depending on your income, you may both feel like sharing expenses 50/50. Or, if you earn more than she does, and you live together, she’ll pay some bills and take care of grocery shopping when she can. A loving woman won’t expect you to take on all the financial burdens on your own.

26. She Allows You to Have a Life Outside the Relationship

If your girlfriend loves you, she’ll support you in having a social life outside the relationship. She would not get upset when you go out with your friends, travel out of the city for work purposes, or hang out with family members without her.

Also, she’ll allow you to explore your hobbies and interests without her. A woman who loves you will want you to strengthen your relationships with other people because she knows it’s to your benefit. You won’t feel like she wants you all to herself, all the time.

27. She’s Willing to Have Serious Conversations

If you have an argument, a woman who loves you will want to talk it out rather than displaying toxic habits, like giving you the silent treatment. She will communicate her worries without the situation resulting in name-calling or even violence.

Pro Tip: Listen to her when she wants to discuss something you did wrong in her eyes because she may be doing it to protect the relationship. Try not to get defensive or aggressive.

28. She’s Committed to the Relationship

When a woman is in love with you, she’s willing to be emotionally and physically committed to the relationship. She’ll expect you to go all in because she’s doing the same. A woman who puts in so much effort to make the relationship work is definitely in love with you.

29. Her Exes are out of the Picture

One of the main signs a woman loves you is that she cuts off all contact with exes and hardly ever brings up her past relationships. A woman who is in love and ready to commit to a serious relationship will let go of her past.

If she is still stuck on her ex, chances are that she doesn’t really love you more than she loved him.

30. She Unknowingly Mirrors You

This is a subtle sign that she’s in love with you. You might notice that she mirrors your slang, facial expressions, fashion sense, and more. She might also start liking the things you like such as sports, gaming, the arts, or certain dress styles.

31. Your Friends Can See that She Does

If she’s truly in love with you, everyone around you will see it. People can easily confirm that two people are genuinely in love. So, if your friends are always singing her praises and commenting on how caring she is, it’s a surefire sign that she has deep feelings for you.

Experts’ Tips: What to Do Next

Before you confess your feelings to her, make sure you know what you feel – whether lust or love. If you’re sure about your feelings, pick the right moment to tell her about it. However, if you’re still scared to say how you feel, show her instead.

How to Show Her You Love Too

Sometimes, saying “I love you” isn’t enough. Your words have to match your actions. Here are some ways to show your crush, girlfriend, or wife that you love her.

  1. Send Random Cute Messages: Whether it’s a cute good morning text or a random picture of what you’re doing during the day, send her messages to let her know you’re thinking of her.
  2. Spend Time with Her: No matter how busy your schedule is, try to spend as much time with her as possible. If you’re busy during the week, clear your weekends to be with her.
  3. Buy Her Gifts: Surprise her with the things she loves. It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive item on the shelf. Something as small as a chocolate bar or a book from her favorite author communicates true care and interest.
  4. Work on Yourself: If she has complained about a certain behavior, make sure to work on it and ask her if she’s seeing change.
  5. Plan a Small Trip: Surprise her with small and intimate trips, such as a drive to the beach or touring a nearby city. By showing you want to spend time with her, you’re communicating you prioritize her in your life.
  6. Show Interest in Her Hobbies and Interests: Learn about the things she loves to do and plan a date around it. For example, if she loves art, take her to an art gallery.


Some say women are complicated, but when a lady is in love, there are some glaring signs that you can’t miss.

If you can’t find any of these signs in your partner or love interest, then it’s a good time to have an honest conversation, so you don’t waste each other’s time. Or it may be a good time to go in search of new love.

In contrast, if you’re hoping she’s the one, and you’ve noticed most or all of these 31 signs, our advice is to take the relationship a step further by confessing your feelings to her.

Sandra Aninwaeze
Author Sandra Aninwaeze

Sandra, a 28-year-old Dating Coach and Author, specializes in relationship and dating advice, with a background in healthcare advising and therapy. She is dedicated to helping individuals build meaningful relationships and find true love. Sandra offers personalized coaching, providing tailored advice for everything from first dates to long-term commitments.