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  • Big member pool
  • Efficient matching system
  • Free version available
  • Flexible contract options
  • Available globally
  • Helpful features optimize dating experience
  • Detailed profiles
  • Many successful relationships
  • Not very relevant for hookups
  • Can’t view profile images on free version
  • Minimum 6-month paid membership


  • Who uses it?:
    25 - 55, Diverse user base, Mostly serious relationships
  • How many users?:
    51 million people worldwide
  • Inclusivity:
  • Features to help you match:
    Personality Quiz
  • Mobile access:
    Browser, App only in some regions
  • Pricing:
    Free, Premium Light, Premium Plus, Premium Extra
  • Free version?:

eHarmony Review

Mariel Collado
By Mariel Collado Updated on: January 24, 2024 Fact Checked by Jonathan Hartley

If a long-term relationship is your current dating goal, you need dating sites that will help you match with like-minded people. However, many sites cater to casual hookups too, which makes it difficult to identify the best online dating platform.

You’re probably after compatible matches that give you a higher likelihood of turning into long-term relationships. You don’t want to waste your time talking to countless matches, only to realize you don’t really have anything in common. This is why we took an in-depth look at eHarmony as compatibility is a main focus for this platform. They report helping people find love, but does it really work?

We tried out the site, tested its features, and also compared free and paid memberships to provide realistic feedback. The features we mention in our detailed review will help you make an informed decision about whether eHarmony is the one where you’ll find love.

🎖️ Overall eHarmony Rating

User experience
Feature richness
Success rate

Short on Time?

Anyone can try eHarmony, no matter your dating goals, but it works best for those after long-term connections. Thanks to a robust personality quiz, the platform can match user profiles with high compatibility ratings, which increases the chances of you finding people with whom you easily relate and that you can build a relationship with.

  • Demographics: eHarmony caters for all races and religions. You can clarify your sexual orientation, so the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe using it too.
  • User experience: One quickly gets comfortable using the website, and even completing the personality quiz is quick and simple. Navigation can be improved on some pages, but with detailed profiles and fun features like sending Smiles, it’s a positive online dating experience.
  • Security: This dating site helps by providing numerous tips on safe online dating habits. They keep your data secure with features like two-factor authentication.
  • Feature richness: eHarmony’s matching system is based on psychological principles but they also add some fun to online dating, such as providing Icebreakers to start conversations with new matches.

✅ What We Like

  • A large number of users: Dating sites with large pools of users offer members better odds of finding an appropriate match. eHarmony offers this and their services are available across the world, in most countries. You can search for people locally, or elsewhere in the world.
  • Matching system: Instead of users picking matches based on random profile details, eHarmony uses a psychological approach. It suggests matches based on a compatibility quiz that all users must complete. This measures aspects like communication style, personality, and how you approach relationships. It empowers eHarmony to match you with people you’re naturally compatible with, which gives you a better chance of having success in a relationship.
eHarmony Fundamentals Personality
  • Free version: eHarmony allows users to use the platform for free, and all users get suggested matches based on compatibility scores. Although limited, you also get access to helpful features such as Likes. 
  • Membership options: There are three membership options but all provide you with access to advanced features. You can simply pick how long you want to commit to an eHarmony contract. This helps cater to different users’ budgets and preferences.
  • Accessible in many countries: Although some features like mobile number verification aren’t available in all countries, you can access the website and view users’ profiles from almost anywhere. Enjoy the dating site while on holiday, or find new matches in different countries if you want to try a long-distance relationship.
  • Fun and helpful features: The platform makes it easier to start building a connection with strangers, thanks to special features like Icebreakers. This makes online dating less daunting for introverts and people new to the dating scene.
  • Profile layout: Users have a lot of information about matches, so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to invest time in building a relationship with someone. Apart from the compatibility quiz, also compare profiles based on people’s interests, smoking habits, religion, or other characteristics that are important to you.
  • Success of the platform: There are many stories of couples who meet on eHarmony and have successful long-term relationships. The company reports that more than 2 million people have found love via their online dating system.

❌ What We Didn’t Like

  • Not for hookups: eHarmony is more appropriate for a certain niche in the dating world, namely people who are looking for serious relationships. Those looking for casual encounters or hookups may not find like-minded matches. Users who do want a long-term relationship may also get irritated with users who use the platform for a different purpose.
  • Limited features for free users: Although free users do find matches on eHarmony, understand you have limited resources to initiate contact and build a relationship. You can’t see photos while browsing through profiles, and you can’t filter profiles based on religion, distance, or education.
eHarmony Limited features
  • Length of paid membership: For Premium benefits, the minimum contract duration is six months. A month-to-month option would give users more flexibility, so they don’t end up paying for months they may not need the service anymore.

💡 Features

User Base Size and DiversityLarge and Diverse
Age Range25-55
Matching AlgorithmPersonality Test, Compatibility Quiz, Search filter
Ease of Use and InterfaceEasy, Moderate
Safety and Privacy FeaturesSafety features: SMS verification Privacy features: Hide Profile, Option to customize visibility 
Communication ToolsPaid: SecureCall, VideoDate Free: Smiles, Likes, Icebreakers. 
Price and Subscription Options6 months ($395.40) One year ($550.80) Two years ($861.60)
Mobile App AvailabilityiOS and Android
Special FeaturesVirtual Date 
Customer SupportContact Form, Email
Cancellation and Refund PolicyNo refunds
Community and Social AspectsForums
InclusivityHigh; including LGBTQ+, over 50, Asian, Black and more. 

💰 eHarmony Pricing

Firstly, you can use eHarmony for free, but there are various limits to this option. Still, it’s valuable because all users complete the compatibility quiz and the platform offers matches based on the results.

We were offered 3 days of free use of all the platform’s features, and all you need to do is complete more than 70% of your profile. This offer comes with no strings attached, so you don’t have to share your account details. Of course, it’s an excellent sales tactic by the brand, but It can help you identify if the platform is worth your time and money.

You can also pick one of the three Premium memberships, and the main difference between them is the duration of the contract.

FreeNo limitFree– Personality Quiz
– Compatibility matching
– View profiles
– Images blocked
– Give Likes
Premium light6 months$29.90/month– Can view all photos on profiles
– No limit to how many messages you can send
– Know who viewed your profile
– Search based on distance
– A more detailed profile than free users
Premium PLUS12 months$19.90/month
Premium EXTRA24 months$14.90/month

eHarmony has many special offers running, so chances are you can save a little on the above costs if you join at the right time. For example, you may get 50% off the first three months.

📱 eHarmony on Mobile

eHarmony has an app, but this is not available in all regions. However, you can use the browser version and we found it responsive and user-friendly.

On most mobile devices, the images of matches are nice and big. Also, buttons are large for easy navigation, and you have icons for the most important pages, such as Messages and Likes, at the top of your screen.

eHarmony on Mobile

If you want to open your eHarmony account on any additional device, you’ll need to use two-factor authentication to log in. Their system uses codes that will be sent to the email address you registered with.

🤔 How to Use eHarmony

Being around since 2000, eHarmony has had time to streamline its processes, so even if you’re trying out online dating for the first time, you’ll find their workflows easy to follow. They provide descriptions for each step during registration as well as features on the website, so one quickly feels comfortable using the platform.


For initial registration, you just need to enter an email address and create a password. You can also use Facebook for this step if you prefer.

Registration eHarmony

You must then share information on your gender, and it’s great to see that eHarmony evolved with the times, as it offers a ‘nonbinary’ option too.

eHarmony Which Gender

The platform then immediately requires you to complete its compatibility quiz, as you don’t get access to its features or users’ profiles without doing this first. They’re correct in stating that it will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete, but it’s time well spent if you want to make good matches.

eHarmony Live Now

Also, the quiz is easy and fun to complete because you simply select answers from the provided lists. There’s no typing required. Most are questions with answers in text, but some simply require you to choose between pictures. All questions provide insight into your personality and preferences, helping to match you with like-minded individuals.

eHarmony Images

You can also upload a photo of yourself and answer some personal questions about your interests.

Tip: if you’re not used to talking about yourself or not sure what to include in your bio, use the handy feature of answering questions about yourself.

These details you can expand on or edit in your profile later on.

eHarmony edit and answer

You can see the results of your personality quiz in your profile. Use this to understand yourself better or find interesting information to include in your bio, so compatible matches will recognize you’re someone they’ll get along with well.

Note: before you can send Likes, eHarmony requests that you complete at least 50% of your profile. Requirements like these help ensure that most eHarmony profiles are of good quality and informative.

Making Matches

As soon as you complete the basic information and quiz, eHarmony provides you with lists of potential matches. You’ll find them under ‘Discover’ in the top navigation bar.

You can view anyone on that list’s profiles, but you’ll only see pictures if you’re a paid member. eHarmony adds various prompts to initiate a paid membership, so if you realize you’ll prefer paying for some additional benefits, it will be quick to activate.

eHarmony Premium

You’ll see a number on each profile, and this represents the level of compatibility between you. This gives you a good idea of who you are most likely to get along with well.

eHarmony new

You can also click on the number and see how you and the match differ, based on the quiz. This can help you know what to expect from the person you’re starting to engage with and make it less awkward to talk to a stranger.

Tip: use this information as a conversation starter.

eHarmony Fundamentals

Based on images, compatibility scores, and profile information, you can send Likes by clicking on the heart icon. You’ll find the button when you open up someone’s profile.

eHarmony Like

If both of you press the Like button, you can start messaging.

Communicating with Matches

You are free to send Likes to profiles, but only when both users click on the heart icon can you start communicating. This happens on eHarmony’s chat platform.

You can see when last someone logged in, and the platform confirms when the other party has seen your message by turning a second check mark blue. This information helps you know if someone is ignoring you, so you can gauge if they’re genuinely interested.

eHarmony Communicating

Optimize Your eHarmony Experience

eHarmony provides various helpful tools for various aspects of the online dating experience. Try these out, as they help with everything from starting up conversations to keeping you safe:

  • Icebreaker: Click on the ‘+’ sign in the message section to use the ‘Icebreaker’ option. This opens up a fun activity, such as being shown five sets of pictures, and all you have to do is pick your favorite each time. Your match will do the same, you’ll see how many of your answers were the same, and the theme of the images can spark a new topic of conversation.
eHarmonu Optimizq
  • Smiles: If you really like someone and want to virtually flirt, send them a smile. Do note that these are limited, so only use them on the matches you really want to impress.
  • Filters: eHarmony shares a large portfolio of compatible matches with you, but you may have personal preferences too. Use the ‘Member preferences’ filter to narrow down your search for the ideal match even more. The button is at the top right on the Discover page, and you can filter according to smoking habits, countries, education, and much more.
  • Safety tips: Feel comfortable using an online platform so you can enjoy it more. eHarmony offers valuable dating safety tips and if you implement these you can stay safe online and even when meeting matches in person.

👥 General User Experience

eHarmony took pains to create a user-friendly platform, even for newbies. You’ll find descriptions and tips on various pages that help clarify the purpose of features and how to benefit from them.

Because the platform prompts users in various ways to complete their profiles, you have a lot of information about someone simply by opening their profile. This makes it easier to gauge who would be a good match. There are some fake profiles, so always implement dating safety tips when engaging with a new profile. The menus are mostly intuitive, and there are menu options for important dating features at the top of the page.

eHarmony Experience

eHarmony can improve its navigation on certain pages. We would have liked easier access to their support functions like the online form to submit a query. You’ll find this on their ‘About Us’ page, but an icon for quick navigation from most pages would be even better.

eHarmony About us

Also, some actions force your profile to log out automatically. We found this to happen when submitting an online form to log a query. You can still continue using your profile by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button, as this will open your profile again, but other menu items required us to log in again. Hopefully, they can make the workflows more streamlined and user-friendly.

Another minor drawback is that you’re signed out in a short timeframe. If you keep eHarmony open in one of your browser tabs so you can check messages throughout the day, chances are you’ll need to sign in multiple times a day. We didn’t find an option to adjust this setting.

🔐 User Safety & Security

The eHarmony platform implements security features like two-factor authentication when you’re accessing your profile from a new device. This helps keep users safe from threats like cyber criminals who want to access their personal information.

They also help keep you safe in the online dating environment by offering these elements:

  • Robust set of tips on safety during online dating. Scroll down and look for the ‘Safety’ on the menu.
  • You can report a profile for suspicious activity. Simply open your messages and select ‘Report profile’ in the menu at the top right of the screen. eHarmony has a Trust and Safety team that handles these situations.
eHarmony Report profile
  • If you prefer not to appear on ‘Discover’ lists, you can manage your profile visibility in your profile settings. Your profile will only be shown to individuals if you already liked them. This helps protect privacy and gives one a sense of control while in the online dating scene.

☎️ Customer Support

You’ll find options for assistance by clicking on the ‘Help’ menu item at the bottom of your page. eHarmony offers helpful advice on topics like:

  • Pricing
  • Tech support
  • Safety
  • Two-factor authentication

eHarmony doesn’t have a contact number, but you can complete an online query form. You’ll get a confirmation email immediately, and we received an email with feedback within a day. The reply was relevant and contained enough details to help clear up our issue.

Tip: don’t be too quick to navigate away from the online contact form page, as there’s a second step to confirm you want to send the query. Click the green button or the message won’t be sent.

eHarmony Question

🎖️ How Does eHarmony Compare?

Not all dating sites have the same focus as eHarmony which mostly works for users who want to find long-term partners. eHarmony can help you towards this goal because it offers an impressive compatibility quiz that helps increase the chances of you and a match really hitting it off.

In contrast to this, there are dating sites like that cater to luxury dating. With features that include verification of income, the target audience includes rich men and beautiful women, in the hope of connecting them. does believe in the importance of finding quality connections but doesn’t use compatibility tools to the extent that eHarmony does. Profile details are more about women’s attractiveness and men’s financial positions.

Both offer free signups and provide valuable information on safety and security.

Best ForSerious relationshipsWealthy individuals
Popularity50+ million people worldwide45 million+ users worldwide
FocusCompatible matches for serious relationshipsLuxury dating site for sugar daddies & mommies
Verified Profiles (Y/N)YesYes
Discover Exceptional Connections, Explore Premium Dating
Enjoy Compatible Matches, even on Free Membership
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How We Rate Dating Sites and Apps 

We rate each dating site after an in-depth review process that includes fact-checking and to align with our editorial policy, our feedback is based on real-life testing of each platform. We do have advertising partners, which is explained in our advertising disclosure, but we deliver unbiased information and update content regularly. For your peace of mind, learn more about our process in our detailed ranking guide.

🏆 Final Verdict: Is eHarmony Right for You?

eHarmony is an effective dating site to use if you’re looking for serious, long-term relationships. The compatibility quiz is a dynamic tool to help users match with others who they’re likely to get along with well.

The platform also offers fun elements, such as Icebreakers and Smiles, to make it less intimidating to build new connections.

This dating site impresses with its number of users, the matching system, and also safety features, so users can try it out with peace of mind. Best of all, a free membership is available if you first want to see if it works for you.

Of course, there are more relevant platforms for other niches, like for luxury-driven individuals, and Tinder for casual hookups. But if you feel it’s time for a serious relationship in your life, eHarmony has the resources to put you in contact with many others with the same mindset


Does eHarmony offer free services?

Yes, eHarmony allows you to create a profile for free, and registering includes the personality quiz. The site uses this to make compatible matches. You can send Likes, but there are restrictions with the free membership, such as not being able to see profile photos of other users.

Where can you access eHarmony?

Is eHarmony safe for online dating?

Is eHarmony for hookups or serious dating?

Can you browse eHarmony if you don’t have an account?

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