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  • Profile Customization
  • Verification options
  • Detailed profiles
  • Messaging for free users too
  • High level of privacy and discretion
  • Meet quality singles
  • Big user base
  • Pay for verification
  • Expensive memberships
  • Fake profiles
  • No iOS app


  • Who uses it?:
    18 - 55, Successful, attractive individuals, Find luxury dating experiences
  • How many users?:
    46 million members
  • Inclusivity:
  • Features to help you match:
    Age, Height, Net worth/Income, Body type, Habits, Education, Photos, Language, Text in profile
  • Mobile access:
  • Pricing:
    Free, Premium Once-off, Premium Subscriptions
  • Free version?:
    Yes Review

Sandra Aninwaeze
By Sandra Aninwaeze Updated on: June 29, 2024 Fact Checked by Kabelo Masalesa

If your goal is to find a rich or gorgeous partner, there’s an online dating platform for exactly this purpose. Originally, it was designed for people who want to enjoy luxurious living with successful, gorgeous-looking partners. But will an online sugar-dating site work in the current social environment?

Previously called SeekingArrangement, did undergo rebranding to be relevant to a wider demographic. We tried out the site to determine the pros and cons it would have for all types of users. After carefully reviewing the detailed profiles and trying out features, we were able to share insight into user-friendliness and who it will work for.

It’s clear who the platform caters to, as it prioritizes details like income and body type. Verification is also important, so wealthy members can feel comfortable using the platform without being scammed. However, access to free features carries value for a wide range of users. Our summarized findings can help you determine if the person you’re looking for may be using this dating app too.

🎖ī¸ Overall Rating

User experience
Feature richness
Success rate

Short on Time? caters to the niche of people looking for luxury dating experiences. The site was created with successful men and beautiful, intelligent women in mind, and the features help them find each other. Along with the possibility of starting a sugar-dating relationship, you can also use the platform for hookups or a long-term relationship if you use the features wisely.

  • User experience: The website and Android app navigate easily. The abundance of information helps users feel comfortable starting up a conversation, as they have a good idea of the type of person they’re chatting to.
  • Demographics: The site allows you to date any gender you prefer, but the general focus is to match well-to-do men with beautiful women. With education being a valuable feature for both genders, the target audience is older compared to some other dating apps. Also, it’s less likely for older women to find a match here, as men are often after youthful, gorgeous companions. For these reasons, other dating platforms like eHarmony and Bumble cater to a much broader demographic than Seeking does. 
  • Security: Seeking isn’t clear about their data protection initiatives, but they do employ technology to identify fake profiles. Many features help ensure users’ safety and privacy. This includes profile verifications and the option to keep certain details hidden. Still, users often comment on the high number of fake profiles.
  • Feature richness: The extensive range of features makes stand out. Profiles cover many topics, and you can customize your search filters, making it easier to find the type of luxury dating partner you’re after.

✅ What we Like

  • Large user base: The platform has been around since 2006, so it has had a long time to expand its user base. Now, with over 45 million users, there’s a large pool of members which gives you a higher chance of finding a compatible match, compared to newer or less popular platforms. Also, the brand has active users across the globe. There’s a fairly good chance you’ll find matches close by, but it’s also a practical dating site for people who like to travel.
  • Meet quality singles: You’re more likely to find a certain caliber of people on, rather than just anyone looking for a hookup. Anyone has the freedom to join, but you can easily filter out profiles that don’t align with your required standards in terms of looks, financial position, education, or other features. Not all dating sites show details like body type and net worth. This makes it a more appropriate platform for sugar dating and luxury dating.
  • Customization: You can customize your profile with features like headings and also set up custom search filters. Instead of trusting a platform to match you, people who know what they want in a partner can optimize their searches and not waste time on irrelevant matches.
  • Verification options: Seeking uses tools like ID verification to help members prove they are authentic users. It does cost you something, but it’s worth gaining trust in the community, as more people are likely to reach out to you. In addition, you can verify your photos and your social media profiles. Background checks are optional, but this is only available for US users.
Your verifications
  • Detailed profiles: There’s a wealth of information that you can add to your profile and review on others’ accounts. The more details you have on someone, the easier it is to gauge whether you want to invest time in getting to know them.
  • Messaging for free users too: Even without paying, you can message others, which isn’t the case on many other dating platforms. This adds value for all types of users, no matter the contract you pick. Free users can try out Seeking and see if it really suits them before committing to a paid membership.
  • High level of privacy and discretion: The platform offers many settings to customize the level of privacy you enjoy while looking for matches. From hiding your profile from certain users to blocking video calls, you stay in control of how others communicate with you and have access to your information. This gives assurance to beautiful women that they can’t be badgered by online trolls, and rich businessmen know notifications from their dating apps won’t disturb important meetings.

❌ What we Didn’t Like

  • Verification costs: Finding out that there are many details you can verify is encouraging. Unfortunately, even just verifying your ID requires payment.
  • Costs: is one of the pricier online dating platforms to join as a paid member, so it’s more appropriate for those who are serious about pursuing this lifestyle. The price tag actually confirms who they cater to. Luckily, you can use some features for free, but without paying, you’ll have just an ordinary online dating experience.
  • Fake profiles and scammers: Despite security measures, users do report a high number of fake profiles. They mention everything from bots to people creating false profiles simply to take advantage of those looking for sugar-dating opportunities. It’s vital to implement safe dating practices when trying out

💡 Features

User Base Size and DiversityDiverse
Age Range25-50
Matching AlgorithmAge, Location, Body Type, Income, Net Worth
Ease of Use and InterfaceEasy
Safety and Privacy FeaturesSafety Features: ID Verification, Email Verification, Facebook Verification
Privacy Features: Hide Profile
Communication ToolsChat
Price and Subscription OptionsPremium 30 days: $19.99 billed every 30 days
Premium 90 days: $44.99 billed every 90 days
Mobile App AvailabilityAndroid
Special FeaturesAdvanced Search Filters, Share Wishlist
Customer SupportFAQ, Email
Cancellation and Refund PolicyNo refunds
Community and Social AspectsNone
InclusivityHigh; including LGBTQ+

💰  Seeking Pricing

You’re free to use as a non-paying member, but you’ll have limited messages to send and will miss out on some other advantages of the Premium subscription:

  • Privacy management: You can hide details of your profile, such as whether you’re online and from where you logged in.
  • Search features: Get access to more filter options to help your search become more focused. Also, you can boost your profile so it’s more visible, and your profile will have a Premium badge. This can prompt others to prioritize you. It also indicates that you don’t have an issue with spending a little money, so others will believe you’re rich, and successful.
  • Notes: Getting to know multiple individuals before settling on one luxury living companion means you gather a lot of information about different people. Use notes to keep track of important facts, or simply leave a note for yourself if someone really impressed you. After a while, your notes will clearly show who is worth spending time with.
  • Dynamic messaging: With read receipts, you’ll see whether someone got your message, helping you know if someone is ghosting you. You can even block certain members’ messages if you no longer want to engage with them. There’s also the option of video chatting and messaging without limits.

And of course, you’ll browse ad-free, since there will be no more pop-ups to showcase the membership options.

You can either pay a one-time fee of $44.00 for 90 days’ membership or commit to one of these subscriptions:

  • 30 Days: $19,99 that’s billed every 30 days.
  • 90 Days: $15,00 will be billed every 30 days.

For payment, the platform accepts all major debit and credit cards.

Payment method

📱 on Mobile has an app, but you can only download it on Android, as there’s no iOS version at the moment. You’ll find it in your app store. Go to Google Play or find the shortcut on the website.

In contrast to casual dating apps like Tinder, it has sophisticated styling, which suits the vision of the platform.

You have all the features you can access on the website to help you match on the go. The text is small to fit in the abundance of information, but it’s still easy to scroll, use filters, and message your interests. When viewing a specific profile, there are convenient shortcuts to send a Like or a message to the potential love interest.

🤔 How to Use Seeking

The workflows of are created to ensure users trust each other. This is essential where individuals with huge incomes operate, as no one wants to be taken in by scammers. Therefore, you’ll see many options to verify your details, although not all of it is compulsory.


The registration process guides you through steps based on your goal on the platform. Seeking doesn’t really cater to non-binary individuals, as you must pick between ‘male’ and ‘female’. However, no matter your gender, you can ask to connect with the same or any gender.

To register, click on ‘Join Now’ in the top-right corner. After stipulating your gender and who you’re interested in, you must clarify whether you want to connect with attractive or successful individuals. Then, you’re guided through a compulsory process to fill out the details of your profile. Don’t worry, it goes quickly, as most of them require you to simply select relevant details from provided lists.

The topics include:

  • Username
  • Location
  • Birthdate – this is only used to determine your age, so your birthdate won’t be shown publicly
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Level of education
  • Ethnicity
  • Current relationship status
  • Whether you have children, and how many
  • Smoking and drinking habits

Helpful tip: values members who can prove their value as a partner, for example,  by being both beautiful and intelligent. This is probably the motivation behind features like offering free premium membership to users who can back their claims of education level with an email address containing ‘edu’.

Sing Up

To help you match with more compatible individuals, you can pick seven tags to be shown on your profile. These cover aspects you want in a relationship, so it helps users manage their expectations when engaging with a new match.

We suggest you also use this to protect yourself and limit future misunderstandings. Be clear about details such as whether you want an open relationship or a monogamous arrangement. is a place you can really make an impact if you’re good with words. They allow you to pick a heading where you can try and capture your personality and qualities in just 50 characters. Since many people don’t take the time to read online dating profiles’ bios, this is an excellent tool to set yourself apart from the rest.

Your Heading

You can skip certain questions, so if you don’t feel it’s relevant to your dating goals, don’t feel forced to answer each question. You’ll still be able to check out even if you just share minor details. Also, you can change certain details later on.

Choose your photo

However, you won’t be able to start matching unless certain elements of your profile are in place, such as having an image on display. This helps to maintain quality profiles across the entire platform.

Viewed me

Getting your ID verified can make other users trust your profile more. However, this requires payment of $4.99 if you’re a free user.

ID verification

Making Matches

You have a wide range of information to consider and compare to make matches on There are multiple filters to use to customize your search method, and we found the menus user-friendly. From searching for matches close to you to only considering those who have been verified or individuals of a certain height, there’s a lot to choose from.

Of course, certain options are only accessible if you have a premium membership. So, paying gives you more resources to narrow down your search to more ideal profiles.

New Search

With more of their profile features ticking your preference boxes and you being sure of some compatibility, there’s a higher chance of it being a good match.

A fun element that makes attractive is that even free members can see who has viewed them and marked them as favorites. On many other platforms, like Tinder, this is a paid option only.


Knowing who may like you from the get-go gives many users more confidence to start up a conversation.

In this same section, you can also see the ones you’ve favored, and then browse these profiles before deciding who to chat with first.

Communicating with Matches provides you with a list of members based on the search guidelines you pick on the left side of your screen when on the ‘Search’ page. You can click on any of the profiles, view details, and start up a conversation. This is an option for free users too.


You can also initiate other types of communication, such as:

  • Asking for more photos
  • Viewing private images after requesting them to make them available
  • Doing video calls

Optimize Your Seeking Experience

We appreciate bonus features you won’t find on all online dating sites, and some of them can enhance the date-finding experience:

  • Username: Many members use their names or nicknames, but Seeking advises you to add a fun, catchy element to your username. This makes you stand out from other users and helps others understand what you’re about. It’s also an effective way to make a good first impression and ensure you’re remembered from the get-go.
  • Gift Wishlist: integrated a gift-purchasing option, so users can create a wishlist and view other people’s lists. You can then send and receive gifts, but everything is managed via the platform. This way, all users retain their privacy, as you don’t have to exchange contact information or delivery details. You can still make it special and personal by adding a customized message. This clearly forms part of the sugar-dating environment, but it can also be a fun element for other users too.
My profile
  • Notes: On a premium membership you can make notes on each profile, based on your communication. This will help you compare different individuals and identify the most promising ones
  • Profile text: Look for a match the way you use Google! Simply type words related to your match preferences into the search box at the bottom of the list of filter characteristics. This will show you any profile that contains those words, whether someone mentioned it in their bio, name, or elsewhere.
Profile text

đŸ‘Ĩ General User Experience

Seeking offers logical menus and navigation,soyou’ll quickly feel comfortable using the site’s features. Even if you’re new to the concept of luxury dating, you can immerse yourself in a short period, since the platform offers relevant information on the topic. For example, they teach on the subject of hypergamy and their blog contains articles on relevant topics, from gift-giving to psychological aspects of dating.

If you’re on a free membership, make peace with the many popups prompting you to upgrade. The marketing windows often appear when you navigate from one page to the next. The upside is that you may get a membership at a discounted price, so read them carefully before clicking away.

We did find some issues with scrolling on the website. When logged in and viewing the main page, you can’t click on links at the bottom of the page because the site keeps populating the page with more profiles. Hopefully, they’ll fix navigation issues like these.

🔐 User Safety & Security

It seems Seeking stays up to date with security requirements, as they have enabled more protection features over time. For one thing, they are proactive in identifying users who use VPNs, as this could be a way for scammers to try and avoid getting caught.

Unfortunately, users often mention that they come across scammers and fake profiles. Luckily, many details on a profile can make you feel more secure in communicating with the individual. The brand offers verification of the following:

  • Photos
  • Social media accounts
  • Background check
  • ID

On someone’s profile, you’ll see icons lit up if someone went through the verification steps.

If anyone acts suspiciously, you can easily report them by clicking on the menu icon to the left of their profile.

The platform clearly understands the possible threats to users, and impressively they have an entire page dedicated to information on human trafficking. This empowers users to stay aware and notice potential threats.

Also, the company trains its employees and harnesses the power of AI to identify profiles that could be connected to human trafficking activities. You’ll find helpful resources, like contact details of anti-trafficking organizations, at the bottom of the page.

☎ī¸ Customer Support offers a robust support system, as there are tools and resources focused on various issues you may have:

  • Privacy
  • Maintaining your profile
  • Payment particulars
  • Safety
  • Image management

For these categories, they have detailed FAQ pages, and we saw they update them regularly with additional popular queries. So, chances are you’ll find your answer there.

Alternatively, you can create a support ticket, and when testing the system we received relevant feedback in less than 24 hours.

However, do note that’s emails to users often get tagged as spam, so check your “Promotions” inbox or junk mail folder if you’re waiting for a reply.

Ticket created

🎖ī¸ How Does Seeking Compare?

When comparing some of the best dating sites around, both and eHarmony mention long-term dating goals in their marketing. Also, both of them contain a large percentage of educated, successful users. Still, there is a difference, as eHarmony users may not place as much importance on factors like looks and wealth. The strategy is mostly to find someone you’re compatible with in terms of personality.

Of course, there are pros and cons to any type of matching system. eHarmony is a market leader in using personality profiles to help members find compatible partners. However, some people prefer being in control of the process themselves. The detailed profiles of are ideal for this grouping, as they can have fun reviewing and comparing possible partners.

Best ForLuxury datingSerious relationships
Popularity46 million members50+ million people worldwide
FocusMatching successful men with beautiful, intelligent womenCompatible matches for serious relationships
Verified ProfilesYesYes
Discover Exceptional Connections, Explore Premium Dating
Enjoy Compatible Matches, even on Free Membership
Visit eHarmony

How We Rate Dating Sites and Apps 

We rate each dating site after an in-depth review process that includes fact-checking and to align with our editorial policy, our feedback is based on real-life testing of each platform. We do have advertising partners, which is explained in our advertising disclosure, but we deliver unbiased information and update content regularly. For your peace of mind, learn more about our process in our detailed ranking guide.

🏆 Final Verdict: Is Seeking Right for You?

It’s important to understand that caters to a certain niche market in the online dating world. The features are designed to help rich, successful, gorgeous people connect online to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. You can still join if you don’t fall into this category of people, but chances are you won’t have as many messages and interactions as on platforms like eHarmony which has a different focus. This is because many users will simply scroll past your profile if you don’t have the right look or income.

Still, the detailed profiles are very helpful, and the verification aspects give users peace of mind about their online safety. So, no matter your dating preferences, it’s worth taking a chance and seeing if you find your match. Simply manage your expectations, as there may be other dating apps that suit you better.


Does offer free services?

New applicants can sign up for free if they don’t want to pay for Premium Membership. The standard option only allows you to search and view other visitors. You can also view the favorite lists for free. However, you have limited options, such as not getting read message receipts.

Your profile must be complete before you can search the website for free, and you must also have an approved public photo before you’ll enjoy the Seeking benefits.

Where can you access

Is safe for online dating?

Is for hookups or serious dating?

Can you browse if you don’t have an account?

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