Advertising Disclosure

We believe in transparency, so we’d like to share how things work behind the scenes at PositivesDating. This is about how we manage our site’s content and listings in relation to the advertising compensation we receive.

  1. Why You See Certain Companies First: Sometimes, you might wonder why certain companies or products are listed in a particular order. Here’s the deal: some of these companies are our advertising partners. They provide us with financial support, which can influence where and how their products or services are presented on our site. But don’t worry, we always strive to give you a variety of choices.
  2. Our Approach to Content: Even though we have partnerships, our content is all about helping you. We’re here to provide useful and honest information, whether it’s comparing products or offering insights. We’re committed to keeping our content trustworthy and informative. Check out our Editorial Policy.
  3. About Those Scores and Rankings: You’ll see scores and rankings on our site, and yes, our advertising relationships might have an impact here. But let’s be clear: our team works hard to evaluate each product fairly and thoroughly. We look at a range of factors before assigning any scores, ensuring they reflect quality and value. Read about our how we rank and our methodology.
  4. We Don’t Play Favorites: Just because a product or company appears on our site, doesn’t mean we’re endorsing it. We’re here to show you options, not tell you what to choose. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions by presenting a range of products and services.
  5. Not Everything is on Our List: There are tons of products and services out there, but we can’t cover them all. We select those we think you’ll find interesting or useful. However, it’s always good to do your own research too.
  6. Keeping Information Up-to-Date: The world changes fast, and so do prices and details about products and services. We do our best to keep everything up-to-date, but things might change after we’ve published them. For all the nitty-gritty details, you can check out our Terms of Use.
  7. Your Role as a Smart Consumer: We encourage you to not just take our word for it. It’s always a great idea to double-check details and terms of any product or service. We’re here to guide you, but your decisions are, ultimately, your own.

By engaging with PositivesDating, you’re acknowledging that you understand and accept this disclosure. We’re all about openness and honesty here, and we hope this helps you understand a bit more about how things work at our end.