How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 23 Signs from a Man’s Perspective

Sandra Aninwaeze
By Sandra Aninwaeze Updated on: April 22, 2024 Fact Checked by Jonathan Hartley

If you’re wondering if he loves you and are looking for signs to confirm your suspicions, look no further! Here are 23 signs he loves you, from a man’s perspective.

Short on Time? (Summary)

So, you met a guy on a dating app or in a social setting, and you’ve been talking for a while now. Naturally, you will begin to wonder if he has fallen in love with you, or he’s just playing games.

It’s easy to fake romantic gestures, but there will be undeniable signs he loves you, even if he hasn’t said the exact words yet.

If you’re wondering where you stand with him and how you rank in terms of the priorities in his life, we’ll reveal 23 signs he loves you. Look out for these tell-tale signs to give yourself peace of mind that you’re not wasting your time being with this guy.


  • Spending time with you, seeking out opportunities to connect, and remembering small details you tell him are just some of the signs that prove a man has strong feelings for you.
  • Men have valid reasons for being cautious about saying ‘I love you’.
  • Showing him you love him can motivate him to confess his feelings.
  • Analyzing a man’s actions will tell you all you need to know.

Who Falls in Love Faster: Men or Women?

There’s a common belief that women fall in love faster than men. However, The Journal of Social Psychology published an article titled, Women and Men in Love: Who Really Feels It and Says It First? 172 college students were interviewed. Their responses showed that men fell in love faster and confessed their feelings earlier than women. 

There’s another belief that men are drawn by what they see and women by what they hear. A survey report reveals that a higher percentage of men believe in love at first sight than women. This proves that men are more likely to fall in love quickly, making it very possible that your love interest can develop great feelings for you soon after a relationship starts.

Look out for signs like the ones below if you want to clarify what your man is thinking and feeling.

23 Signs He Loves You From a Man’s Perspective

Key to confirming whether a guy is really into you is to look at the relationship from the right perspective – a man’s. That way, you won’t overanalyze a situation or read too much into gestures that don’t really mean anything. Simply look out for these 23 signs he loves you even before he says it.

  • He Spends Time with You

Generally, we give our time to anything or anyone that interests us. If he’s always making plans to see you, it means he loves to spend time with you. It also indicates that he enjoys your company and wants to know more about you.

Also, if you notice that he has put in so much effort into a date or a fun activity, there’s a high probability that he loves you.

  • He Likes to Hug You

Physical touch is a very common love language for most people and quite an easy way to express love.

A guy who likes to hug you most likely feels something intense for you. He hugs you to make you feel comfortable and safe with him.

Pay attention to how he pulls you into his arms and how warmly he hugs you. If he hugs you for a while and even runs his hands through your hair while holding you, he’s in love with you!

  • He Remembers the Tiny Details

Men will pay attention to the women they love. If he remembers little details you told him about your life, work, family, or hobbies, it means he is interested in everything about you. It also shows he cares enough to pay attention.

  • He Flaunts You

Most people enjoy flaunting something or someone they cherish a lot. He’ll introduce you to his friends, family, and even coworkers.

A man won’t invest his time introducing a woman to everyone he knows if he doesn’t see her as a potential long-term partner. If he flaunts you a lot, there’s a good chance he loves you.

  • He Goes Out of His Way to Make You Happy

When a guy goes outside his comfort zone to put a smile on your face, then he’s very much into you. If he prioritizes your needs over his and doesn’t ask for anything in return, it’s a sign you’re the one he cares deeply about.

  • He Confides in You

Guys sometimes feel apprehensive about sharing their secrets with just anyone. They tend to only share personal information with someone they cherish and feel comfortable with. So, if you’re the person he tells personal information to, you must be someone he has feelings for.

He may even tell you things that he’s struggling with, and this happens when a man wants you to be aware of what’s going on in his life. Telling you these types of secrets means he has deep trust in you, hoping that your care is unconditional. And yes, he most likely loves you.

  • He Asks About Your Day

When he’s genuinely interested in how your day went, you’re becoming important to him. Take note of whether he pays attention to you and your daily activities, and if he does, chances are that he’s in love with you.

When next he asks “How was your day?” make sure to give him all the details because your reply communicates whether you’re into him or not.

  • He Holds Your Hand

Holding hands signifies a deeply intimate and emotional connection with a person. It’s a way of expressing love without using words. A man who loves you is very likely to always reach for your hand.

  • His Friends Know You

A guy in love won’t stop talking about that special someone, especially to his friends. He will sometimes try to create an opportunity for you to meet them.

When his friends know about you and you’ve met them multiple times, there’s a possibility he loves you.

  • He Checks in on You

He cares so much about your well-being, so from time to time, he checks if you’re okay.

If you’ve told him you’re on a strict diet, or you’re planning to hit the gym regularly, he’ll ask how your exercise plan is going. When you’re traveling for work, men in love will check if you’ve arrived at safely at your destination.

  • He Stares at You

If you catch him staring at you, or you can see from the corner of your eyes that he has been staring at you for a long time, you have a good reason to feel confident about the relationship. Staring at you for long periods even though you’ve been together for a while is often a sign that a man is really having strong feelings for a girl. 

  • He Supports Your Dreams

Men who care will want you to achieve your dreams and encourage you to become a better version of yourself. You’ll know he loves you if he’s very supportive of your life goals and offers help to turn them into reality, whenever you need it.

  • He Replies Quickly

When a man is in love, he invests his time and effort into the woman he loves. If he replies to your texts almost immediately, it’s a sign he loves you. He’ll most likely even put effort into the conversation and answer in detail, rather than sending one-word or general replies.

A man who loves you will also give you a heads-up if he is busy and won’t be able to reply to your texts for the next couple of hours.

  • He Compliments You

He never misses an opportunity to tell you how you look pretty today or your hair looks nice, or how beautiful you look in your dress.

Yes, if he compliments you more than usual, he’s smitten!

He’ll notice the slightest detail and comment on it.

  • He Wants to Meet Your Family and Friends Too

If he doesn’t want to pursue anything serious, a man will always make up excuses why he can’t attend your family’s Thanksgiving dinner or any gathering with your loved ones. But a man who loves you will definitely want to meet your family and friends.

A guy who cares will be more than happy to attend any family event you invite him to, and might even bring a gift along with him. He’ll also attend your friends’ hangouts and parties with you, without you needing to beg him to come.

  • He’s Willing to Have Serious Conversations

When a man loves you, he’s willing to resolve any issue you had recently and wants you to share your thoughts and feelings.

When he feels serious about you, he may be more willing to accept his mistakes and will do everything possible to correct them. If you bring up an issue, he won’t be aggressive or defensive, as he’ll want to maintain a good relationship with you. Also, compared to men who are only dating casually, he will be more eager to have deep conversations that will bring you closer.

  • He Can Sense When Something is Wrong

Maybe your replies are not as enthusiastic as they used to be, you haven’t been replying to his texts, or your voice seems different while on a call. A man who loves you will sense the changes right away and ask what’s wrong. If he can identify that something is wrong even without you telling him, it shows he’s paying attention.

For example, if he says, “You’ve been ignoring me recently. Did I do something wrong?” or “I notice you don’t look well today, are you okay?” he’s genuinely worried about you. Enjoy the fact that this man wants to know what he can do to make you feel better.

  • He Respects Your Boundaries

A guy who cares wants to create a safe and comfortable space for you. So, when you say ‘no’ to certain scenarios, he won’t push it. He won’t force you to share information you don’t want to or engage in physical or intimate activities you’re not comfortable with.

  • He’s Your Knight in Shining Armor

If you’re in trouble or badly need his help, he will drop everything and come running.

Whatever reason you need him, he’ll gladly offer help without complaining. He might even adjust his schedule to be with you.


  • If you have a flat tire, and you call him for help, he’ll show up and fix it for you.
  • He brings you food because you told him you’ve been too busy all day to cook.
  • A man fills up your car with gas, even when you didn’t ask him to.
  • He offers to walk your dog on a weekend.
  • He offers to hire someone to deep-clean your house because you’ve been busy all week.

Tip: Don’t take advantage of his kindness by always asking him to do things you know you can do yourself.

  • He Celebrates You

He’s in love with you when he goes out of his way to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. He’ll look for reasons to celebrate something about you.

For example, he’ll tell you he’s proud of you for taking time for self-care after a busy time at work. Or he’ll mention your personal achievements in conversations with others. He also knows your birthday without reminding him.

  • He Listens to Your Opinions

A man in love with you will want to keep you in the loop, so he tells you all the details of a situation or something he’s struggling with. He always wants to hear what you think about a certain matter in his life.

He respects your opinions in a debate, even if he has a different view on the topic. A man who loves you will not criticize your opinions or try to shut you up.

  • He Puts His Phone Away

If he puts his phone away when you’re together or on a date, it means he takes you seriously and there’s a high chance that he’s in love with you.

His phone may be buzzing from multiple texts, and he chooses to ignore them, or he turns off his phone to focus on you. When you notice this happening a lot, you can be sure you matter and that you’re his priority.

  • He Wants to Try New Things with You

Does he want to share a first memory of an adventure with you?

When a guy cares, he would like to create long-lasting memories by trying new things with you. For example, if he intends to try mountain climbing for the first time, and he asks you to join him, it strongly suggests that he loves you.

Why Don’t Men Always Tell Us When They Deeply Love Us?

Many men won’t tell you they love you for several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Society Tells Them to Act Tough: Most men hide their feelings because society expects them to be tough and never let their guard down.
  2. He’s Scared of Rejection: He’s scared you’ll reject him, or he’ll get hurt, so he thinks the best way to avoid these are to mask his true feelings.
  3. He Thinks It Will Ruin the Friendship: If you’ve been friends for a long time, he is scared that confessing his feelings will scare you away. So, he would rather not say anything because he’s afraid he’ll lose you.
  4. He Can’t Put His Feelings into Words: Maybe he just can’t find the right words or moment to tell you. Our advice is to create a safe space for him to freely say how he feels.
  5. He’s Not Sure Yet: He’s trying to figure out what he truly feels (whether it’s strong feelings or just an attraction) and he doesn’t want to make a mistake or hurt you.

Tips to Show Him You Love Him Too

He might be too scared to tell you he loves you because he thinks you don’t feel the same way. Here are experts’ tips to show a man you love him (especially if he hasn’t expressed his feelings yet).

  1. Check Up on Him Too: He shouldn’t be the only one asking how your day is going. Let him know that you care about him.
  2. Do Not Ignore His Concern for You: If you’re not in the mood to talk, or you think you need a little break, let him know without being rude.
  3. Be Respectful: Don’t flirt with other guys when he’s around just to make him jealous. Respect his feelings even if he hasn’t said the words.
  4. Be Positive: When he asks for your advice or opinions, make sure you give him constructive feedback, instead of criticism. The safer he feels with you, the more likely he is to allow you to see his softer side.
  5. Be Kind to Him: Offer help when he needs it. If he gets you gifts frequently, do the same for him. Get him something he really likes or has been talking about. Celebrate his achievements like he does yours.
  6. Talk About Fun Memories: Send him photos of an activity you did together. Doing this will show him that you cherish the moments you spent together.

Showing him you really care can be one of the ways he gets up the courage to confess his love eventually.


If you are wondering if he loves you, the best thing to do is to watch his actions. A man will show you he loves you if he’s too scared to tell you. If he says he loves you but it seems like the opposite, his actions will tell as well.

Here are 23 signs he loves you that will answer most, if not all, of your questions!

Sandra Aninwaeze
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