How to Text a Girl: 45 Texts That Will Make Her Want You

Aleksandra Gojkovic
By Aleksandra Gojkovic Updated on: May 26, 2024

Hone your texting skills with these 45 texts that will make her want you, as well as experts’ texting advice!

Short on Time? (Summary)

Texting is a skill and sadly, many men are bad at it. It’s not just about Hi’s and Hellos, it’s about engaging her in deep conversations and making her eager to talk to you again.

If you’re wondering how to text a girl you like and capture her interest, then continue reading this guide. We’ll reveal common texting mistakes to avoid, the best ways to text a girl and 45 texts that will make her want you.


  • Consistent and respectful texting fosters a strong foundation to build a relationship.
  • Use her name if you’ve just begun talking.
  • Send her genuine compliments.
  • Pay attention to her responses to know if she enjoys the conversation or not and act accordingly.

How to Text a Girl

How to Text a Girl

There are several ways to catch a girl’s attention, engage her in meaningful conversations and even get a date with her.

Introduce Yourself After Getting Her Number

We highly recommend that you text her within the first 24 hours of asking for and getting her number. Texting early doesn’t make you a simp but shows that you’re eager to get to know her. Be sure to introduce yourself and remind her where you met.


  • “Hi, Evelyn! This is Tyler, the guy you met at the café today. It was nice meeting you.”

If you met her on a dating app, build trust by keeping the conversation on that platform for a while. You should also schedule video calls as often as you can. This will let her know that you aren’t a fake profile and you can also confirm that you’re not engaging with a scammer either. Then, you can move the conversation to a texting app and set up a real-life date.

Talk About the Day You Met

After a period of texting, remind her of your first encounter to set up a funny conversation and positive vibes.


  • “You remember the first night we met at Kevin’s party? You were the best dancer on the floor.”

Use Her Name

If you have just met her, avoid calling her baby or babe. These nicknames are too personal, and some women may even find it insulting, so you might end up scaring her away. Instead, stick to using her name.

Send Good Morning and Good Night Texts

Start your day by letting her know you are thinking about her. Send a charming good morning text. Also, send a good night text before going to bed.


  • “Good morning, Evelyn ☀ī¸! Hope you have a nice day!”😊
  • “Hi! I woke up thinking about you today ❤ī¸.”
  • “Good night, gorgeous! Sweet dreams 😴 🤗.”

Send Photos of Your Day

Photos spark an engaging conversation and give her insight into your daily activities and lifestyle. If you saw a nice view such as the sky, ocean or even flowers, take a picture and send it to her with a short caption.


  • “Check out this breathtaking view of the sunset!”
  • “I made Pasta Alfredo and I think I did a great job! What do you think?”

Be Positive and Cheerful

Always bring in the positive vibes when you’re getting to know her. Make sure your texts sound cheerful and exciting. After all, you want to make a good impression, so your messages should brighten her day, not make her dread your next text.

Ask Intriguing Questions

She’s probably tired of “What’s up?” and “How are you?” so try to switch things up with intriguing questions. Open-ended questions will keep the discussion going smoothly.


  • “If you could be anything in this world, what would you be?”
  • “Where’s your dream vacation destination?”

Compliment Her

Girls love a heartfelt message specifically created for them. Avoid sexual compliments, and rather focus on her qualities and personality.


  • “You have the most incredible blue eyes I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I love how you always stay positive.”
  • “I’m always amazed at how intelligent you are!”
  • “You look so beautiful in those photos you just posted on IG.”

Send Flirty Texts

Send her flirty and playful texts without being sexual. If she flirts back, it means she likes the messages and you as well.


  • “I look forward to texting you every day because somehow, you brighten up my day.”

Reference Her Interests

Let her know you remember details about her by referencing her interests, such as her favorite movie or a hobby. Girls love it when they feel like they are being listened to.


  • “You mentioned you love to read books, so you must have read the entire Nora Roberts’ collection. Could you recommend one for me?”
  • “Hey, how’s the project at work going?”

Build A Stronger Bond By Asking Her on a Date

If you’ve noticed that she likes you after texting for a while, make a move and ask her out on a date. Ask about her favorite restaurant and consider taking her there.

  • “I would love to get to know more about you. Are you free Friday evening? Would you like to go check out a new Thai restaurant I found?”

45 Texts That Will Make Her Want You

From icebreaker texts to cute good morning and good night and even post-date texts, here are 45 texts that will make her want you.

4 Icebreaker Texts

An Icebreaker text is the first message you send after getting her number. Ensure that your icebreaker text is short, cheerful and doesn’t include questions.

  1. Hi, it’s Tyler!😃 Save my number.
  2. It was so nice meeting you today! 🙂 ~Tyler
  3. Hi, Evelyn. Happy to have met you today! ~Tyler
  4. Hi, Evelyn. It’s the guy with the weirdest ice cream preference you met at the park today, LOL 😆. Hope you got home safely.

5 Good Morning Texts

Brighten up her day with these cute good morning texts.

  1. Good morning, Evelyn! ☀ī¸ I hope you have a lovely day today. 💗
  2. Good morning! Is it weird that I woke up thinking of you? 😊
  3. I hope you slept well and are ready to take on the day!
  4. Good morning! Hope you have a productive day today! I know how much you love to get things done.
  5. Rise and shine, sleepy head! It’s another day to show the world what you’ve got!

5 Good Night Texts

  1. Sweet dreams, lovely! ❤ī¸
  2. Good night! I hope you sleep well and have dreams as beautiful as you are!
  3. Good night, Evelyn! I can’t promise I won’t be dreaming of you. 😊
  4. Good night! Try not to sneak into my dreams, lol.😆
  5. It’s so fun talking to you that I lost track of time. But you need your beauty sleep. Good night, Evelyn! ❤ī¸

15 Texts to Ask Her Out

If you have been talking for a while and you think it’s time to make a move, here are 15 ways to ask her out on a date.

  1. You, me and a candlelight dinner? What are your thoughts?
  2. What are you doing Saturday evening? Let’s take a walk, what do you say?
  3. I’ll be around your office tomorrow, how about we go grab a coffee?
  4. Would you like to be my movie partner on Friday evening?
  5. So, we’ve been chatting for a while now. Do you think it’s time to meet in person?
  6. There’s a new Chinese restaurant in town, how about we check it out this weekend?
  7. What are you up to this weekend? Want to grab a drink on Saturday?
  8. There’s a new adaptation of [movie name] and I’m going to check it out on Friday, care to join me?
  9. I just got tickets for Drake’s concert this weekend. I remember you said you love Drake. Want to go with me?
  10. Congrats on your promotion! How about we go out and celebrate?
  11. I’d love to get to know you better. Would you be interested in grabbing dinner this weekend?
  12. Wine tasting is my new hobby, care to join me on Friday?
  13. So you said you love art, right? Mind if we visit the art gallery on 5th Avenue together?
  14. My cousin’s wedding is around the corner and I still don’t have a plus one. I’d love for you to accompany me if you’re interested. What do you think?
  15. I volunteer at a pets’ shelter during the weekend, care to join me next time?

5 Cute Post-Date Texts

A post-date text is a text you send after a date, telling her that you had a good time.

  1. I had fun today. Hope you got home safe.
  2. The movie was epic but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. 😊
  3. I haven’t had so much fun in a while. Glad I got to spend time with you today.
  4. Had fun with you at the arcade! Can I get another chance to meet you again?
  5. Had fun today at the art gallery, should we visit another gallery some other time?

5 Compliments to Make Her Feel Special

  1. I was just thinking about how amazing you are. Just thought to let you know.
  2. I’m amazed at how incredibly smart you are! Hope you write down all these great ideas in a journal.
  3. Your resilience inspires me a lot!
  4. You’re one of the strongest people I know. I love that about you.
  5. Your confidence inspires me to be more confident.

6 Sweet Texts to Tell Her You’re Thinking About Her

  1. I caught myself smiling for no reason today, then I realized I was thinking about you. Hope your day is going great.
  2. I get worried when I don’t hear from you. Are you doing okay? How’s your day going?
  3. I just finished watching a movie and the main character reminded me of you.
  4. I passed by the new arcade in town and it reminded me of how much fun we had there last weekend.
  5. Just thought to check on you, how’s your day going?
  6. I saw a thriller book by Fern Michaels and I just had to get it for you!

Common Texting Mistakes to Avoid

It is important that you master the art of texting, especially when texting a girl you like. Many men make common texting mistakes that can hinder effective communication.

In this guide, we’ll explore these common mistakes and provide practical tips for avoiding them.

Overuse of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviating your words may seem cool and casual, but it gives an impression of zero effort and less interest. It can also lead to confusion. To avoid this and ensure she understands your message correctly, use clear and full sentences.

Ignoring Grammar and Spellings

In a rush to send a text, it’s easy to overlook grammar and spelling errors. However, these mistakes can create a negative impression and subtract from your message. Take the time to proofread your texts before sending them, and consider using spell-check if you’re not confident about your grammar skills.

Texting Too Much or Too Little

Finding the right balance in texting frequency is crucial. Sending too many texts can come across as clingy or overwhelming, while sending too few can make you seem disinterested. Pay attention to how often the person on the other side responds, and adjust your texting accordingly.

Lack of Clarity

Being clear and direct in your texts is key to passing on information correctly. Clearly express your intentions and emotions to ensure she understands your messages. 

It can also prevent unnecessary confusion or the need to overthink and complicate your true intentions.

Using One-Word Responses

Responding with single-word answers like “ok” or “cool” might make her think you are not interested. Instead, try to engage in meaningful conversation by expanding your responses. For example, rather than simply replying “ok,” you could say, “That sounds good, let’s go ahead with that plan.”

Asking Too Many Questions

Many men make the mistake of bombarding a girl with questions. As much as you want to know more about her, don’t make it seem like a job interview.

Why You Need to Learn How to Text A Girl

Learning how to text a girl effectively is crucial because it helps build and maintain a connection. You can showcase your personality and communication skills in a world where digital interaction often precedes face-to-face meetings. After all, services like international dating platforms allow you to connect with people from around the globe.

Key reasons why developing proficiency in this area is important include the following:

  1. To Make A Good Impression: You need to learn how to text a girl in such a way that it leaves a good impression of you, especially if you met her online, such as free dating sites or social media. Without face-to-face interaction, a dynamic use of words in text messages become key to developing the relationship.
  2. To Build Connection: Texting a girl the right way will help build a connection that can be strengthened over time. You’ll also get to know more about her.
  3. To Build Trust: Texting her consistently and respectfully may make her trust you in the long run.
  4. To Show Your Interest: Using the right words and being respectful every time you text will indicate to her that you like her.

Experts’ Tips on How to Text a Girl

Here are experts’ tips to text a girl without coming across as a creep.

  1. Don’t Be Needy: If she tells you she’s busy, don’t bombard her with texts. Give her space and text her the next day.
  2. Don’t Always Text First: Text her first after getting her number and a few days later. Wait and see if she texts you first if she hasn’t heard from you for a while. If she does, it means she likes you or enjoys your conversation. If she doesn’t text you first or didn’t reply to your previous messages, don’t push it.
  3. Don’t Double-Text: Do not send a second text if she hasn’t replied to the first one.
  4. Be Yourself: Don’t try to be what you’re not or pretend to like the things she likes to impress her. Try showing her the real you.
  5. Don’t Ask for Nudes: Asking for explicit photos even though you’ve been talking for a while is a dumb move, and it’s disrespectful.


It is essential to pay attention to the vibes while texting any woman. In the same way that there are signs that a man loves a certain lady, a woman’s actions, like enthusiastic responses, will prove that she enjoys talking to you. However, if she takes forever to reply and always gives one-word and boring responses, consider stepping away.

You can improve your chances of getting the response you’re hoping for, though. These recommended 45 texts and texting advice will make her want you. And now that you have the best texting skills, take a chance and text her right away!

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